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    We now offer alerts on Cryptocurrency investments, and information on cryptocurrency coins, at no additional cost!

    Promotional price: $21.99 (tax included) monthly. An estimated average cost of $0.70 cent each day. This is the "grandfathered" promotional price, and will stay this price as long as you are subscribed. Once unsubscribed you will not receive this promotional discount again.

    We ask that by signing up you stay subscribed for at least (90) days before cancelling to actually experience it all.

    Why choose us? This subscription was designed for one reason. We want to help make you money! Our goal is for us to help you make enough profit to cover your subscription costs for a year by your first successful trade. We do all the work for you excluding entry, and exit points.

    How to purchase: Please click the PayPal "Subscribe" button up top to be redirected to checkout, and start your subscription membership. Please do not subscribe as guest, sign up with an actual account so your payments are re-occurring.

    Membership subscriptions are re-occurring monthly payments that will automatically bill each month from the day you signed up through.

    Please note: When creating your TeleGram account name, please make sure it matches your payment name on file (PayPal.)

    Please allow (24-48) hours for us to send, or reply to any Emails. If you do not receive your invitation link within (48) hours please contact us (Email, or social media.)

    Take control of your financial future. Below is a list of the services we offer with each individual subscription.

    • Private members chat room

    • Blue chip stocks

    • Penny stocks

    • Stock alerts

    • Stock news daily

    • Volume spikes

    • Helpful tips

    • Learning

    • Education


    These above photos customers within the first month of using our subscription!


    Please click the "Subscribe" button on the top of this webpage. It will then redirect you to PayPal's payment options on their website.

    Notice: Please do NOT pay as guest via PayPal. You have to setup an actual PayPal account, or the payments will not go through for the following months, and you will be cancelled from the alerts.

    Once you make your initial payment you will now be enrolled in our monthly subscription service. You will not need to worry about forgetting to pay as this enrolls you in automatic payments (mandatory for subscribing.)

    Download the Telegram APP to your mobile device, or to your PC. Remember to sign up using an up-to-date phone number, and your legal name. This is what you will use for our private chat room, and alerts.

    You will receive an invitation link after subscribing (if you do not get redirected then please send support and Email, and one will be sent to you manually.)
    Click the invitation link and it will allow you to join into the Telegram group channel. Inside the channel will also be another link if you would like to also join our real-time members only private group chat (included with subscription, for no additional cost.)

    Remember to check you spam folder if you do not see the Email.

    If any issues may arise with not receiving the Telegram subscription link via Email then please contact support to have one manually sent to you immediately.



    Please note the $21.99 (tax included, and will be added in with your checkout each month) re-occurring monthly payments are a "grandfathered" promotional special. If you are subscribed to us, and wish to cancel then you will lose this promotional offer permanently. If later on you decide to re-subscribe you will not receive this promotional discounted price.

    Once canceled, and after your subscription time has expired you will be removed from Stock Market Traders & Investors Telegram subscription channel.

    You will still remain on any, and all social media platforms we may offer.


    You can cancel through your PayPal account at any time.

    If you did not have a PayPal account when you subscribed then contact PayPal support with your name, and the last four digits of your card number that you used to sign-up, and tell them to cancel the billing for the following months forward.


    Stock Market Traders & Investors does not offer any refunds, or partial refunds. This applies to one-year memberships as well.

    This is a paid subscription, and refunds of any kind
    are not applicable.

    No refund policy.


    This is a paid subscription, and not financial advice. We do not assume responsibility for any losses that may occur when trading, options trading, or investing. This is not a recommendation, guarantee, or promise. Stock Market Traders & Investors cannot be held liable for any losses, or choices you make.

    You are responsible for the risks, and financial choices you may make. You should not engage in trading, or investing unless you fully understand the nature, and risks involved in the stock market. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from a financial advisor, and not stock Market Traders & Investors.

    All trading strategies are to be used at your own risk. Trading strategies are not a guarantee, recommendation, or promise and should not be treated as such.

    By signing up to this subscription you agree that you are responsible for your own trading, and investing decisions. You also agree that you will not hold Stock Market Traders & Investors responsible for any financial decisions that you make.


    You understand by singing up to this subscription that we reserve the right to remove you at any time for exploiting any information off of our subscription, without a refund. You also understand that we reserve the right to remove you from the group chat, or alerts if any company policy rules are broken.


    For customer service please contact us via Email at:

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